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Kickboxing lady black belt 2nd Dan

Introducing Ella Maria Palfrey a Kickboxing lady black belt 2nd Dan with a secret agent identity……

Ella Maria Palfrey has a 2nd dan black belt in kickboxing. She is a genuine female martial artist. You can see an interveiw we did with Ella HERE But, Ella also works undercover :) as one of the Kandy girls……

Kickasskandy is a tongue in cheek female secret agent/good versus evil/female vs male clip site where for some reason the women high kicking martial artists always seenm to beat the males !!…. It’s nothing to do with the cat suits and high boots i’m told…the female fighters are just better !!… We will let you guys decide that !!  There is no nudity or bad language…just some cheesy one liners :) (Remember it is just for fun..so enjoy it or don’t go there)!


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Female Fighters Web Sites

Female Fighters

Some other links now posted on the sidebar.

The places to visit for the very best in FEMALE MARTIAL ARTS and WOMENS SELF DEFENSE and for females defeating males.

Some great new video clips are due out on Deadly Dymes. Check back often.

Female Fighters  

A powerful side kick

A powerful side kick

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He Started it…. Self defence for women

Knee v Face..... Knee wins !

Knee v Face..... Knee wins !

Self defence for women

Imagine his suprise….. He assumed she would be a pushover…… diaphragm PRESTURE SWICTH WELL pump operation Even learning a few basic  self defence moves can save you and turn the tables….. portable evaporate swamp coolers used for sale

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Martial Arts for Females

Good looks and dangerous with it !

Martial Arts for Females

The stereotype says that you have to look like a man to fight like a man. Females are the weaker sex. A woman could never beat a man. Well, maybe thats true. However this site will try to show you another way of looking at this. A trained female martial artist can be both beautiful and deadly. Being proficient in a martial art will not only give a female confidence, but will also change the odds. Maybe even the odds……….of defeating a male attacker. So men…….Beware who who you hassle !!!!!

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