….female martial arts & womens self defence……

British @ Unified World Champion female Kickboxer. Hailey Hanson.

Current British & Unified World kickboxing Champion

“I use martial arts everywhere I find that I am highly disciplined to the point I know how to handle situations to the point where I do not even need to get in to any situations to defend myself” Hailey Hanson.

Hailey will be featured on the new www.martialartsfemale.com/fighters page (Coming soon)

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Female Martial Artists Pics and clips

Meet one of the fighters from www.DeadlyFemaleFighters.com

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Female Martial Artist Victoria Bradbury

Toria Bradbury sparring. See www.martialartsfemale.com/toriabradbury

Victoria is now a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo and trains in Caerphiily, South Wales UK.

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Mariah Moore…. Just amazing

Women in the martial arts

Not only is Mariah competing and winning at all levels. Mariah also devotes her time to an Anti Bullying campaign….. see posts above and visit Mariah’s site interview… HERE

It's going to sting for some time !

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Champion female Martial Artist, Zara Phythian

Zara performs a powerful roundhouse (Dolio Chagi) to an opponents jaw. See more of Zara at www.martialartsfemale.com/zaraphythian

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Kung Fu Femmes martial arts and dance

The Kung Fu Femmes martial arts and dance troupe

A unique group of Female martial artists that put on a dazzling display of high kicking, sword fighting kung fu and karate. Watch out for the individual ladies of the Kung Fu Femmes coming to this site soon !!

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Women in the martial arts

Women in the martial arts, mostly kicking your butt

Various female fighters from all over showing off their kicking skills…..Great to see some of the MAF girls like Chloe on the compilation as well !! ENJOY and a big thanks to Brad Edmondson for posting it !

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Martial arts basic stretches

Basic stretching for martial arts with Rubie Planson

Rubie Planson is a world champion martial artist.
There is a lot of information about Rubie on her main page below as we haven’t managed to grab her for martial arts female YET ! :)
Enjoy this great basic introduction to dynamic stretching for the martial arts or general fitness.


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Kickboxing lady black belt 2nd Dan

Introducing Ella Maria Palfrey a Kickboxing lady black belt 2nd Dan with a secret agent identity……

Ella Maria Palfrey has a 2nd dan black belt in kickboxing. She is a genuine female martial artist. You can see an interveiw we did with Ella HERE But, Ella also works undercover :) as one of the Kandy girls……

Kickasskandy is a tongue in cheek female secret agent/good versus evil/female vs male clip site where for some reason the women high kicking martial artists always seenm to beat the males !!…. It’s nothing to do with the cat suits and high boots i’m told…the female fighters are just better !!… We will let you guys decide that !!  There is no nudity or bad language…just some cheesy one liners :) (Remember it is just for fun..so enjoy it or don’t go there)!


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Women in the martial arts. Victoria Vives.

Female martial artist, female superhero, action actress

“Hi there and… HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! My name is Victoria Vives, originally from Spain… OLE!
Paul kindly invited me to connect with you here, so I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a martial artist. I’ve studied many Martial Arts over the years ranging from classical styles like Kendo and Kiryu Kenpo, combat sports like Boxing and MMA, stage fighting and acrobatics, to reality based self defense arts like Jeet Kune Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Check out my demo reel below!…and see my interview at www.martialartsfemale.com/victoriavives

With Love, Victoria. There is also alot more on my site…….HERE and on my pages on this site HERE

We are pleased to have you on the site Victoria, you are indeed a female superhero :) ADMIN x

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