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Female Martial Artists Pics and clips

Meet one of the fighters from www.DeadlyFemaleFighters.com

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Introducing the ladies at www.skilledfemfighters.com


Real Martial Arts Females


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New Updates. Two New Girls from the martial arts.

Welcome to Eskaterina kozlachkova and Ana Znaor

Two excellent martial artists.

See them and many more female martial artists at our other pages www.martialartsfemale.com/fighters

THESE GIRLS and Many others are featured at a great site SKILLEDFEMFIGHTERS.COM and at DEADLYFEMALEFIGHTERS.COM

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Karate, Taekwondo, Arnis and more. Mariah Moore.

Female Martial Artist, Mariah Moore

VISIT Mariah at her FACEBOOK site HERE or on our pages and read her interview HERE.

Eskrimadora–a woman who engages in swordplay; a woman who practices the Filipino Martial Art of Eskrima.


There are now many female martial artists on or about to come onto our growing site. See the female fighters at www.martialartsfemale.com/fighters Interviews, pictures, and videos of some of the best female fighters and martial artists in the world.

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Women in the martial arts

Women in the martial arts, mostly kicking your butt

Various female fighters from all over showing off their kicking skills…..Great to see some of the MAF girls like Chloe on the compilation as well !! ENJOY and a big thanks to Brad Edmondson for posting it !

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Martial arts female introduces Capoeira. Martial art of Brazil.

Martial arts female introduces Capoeira

Professora Bia Bradbury takes us on a tour of the potentially deadly art of Capoeira…See her INTERVIEW and Gallery with us HERE
Bia teaches the Brazilian martial art in the South of England. Visit her site HERE

Bia says…. The key objective of our project is to invest in the long-term health and well-being of our community in the UK through Capoeira, motivating children and adults to be active, to control their physical abilities to avoid violence and anger.
To build up a strong and positive attitude towards the society they live in, to confront fears and anxieties.
Our group provides equal opportunities for less abled children and people who are excluded for any reason. Our aim is to integrate people into a social circle surrounded by culture, music and physical skills in an atmosphere which everyone can feel like a family and enjoying learning.
We want to make you proud of yourself and to prove that you can achieve goals and to develop physically, mentally and emotionally through different Capoeira elements. … More at Bia’s site with us at Martial Arts female CLICK ME

To train with Bia and her team…please visit the website  www.origensdobrasil.co.uk

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Blackbelt hall of fame.. Female martial artist

Caitlin Dechelle, Blackbelt hall of fame

As a martial artist, Caitlin Dechelle has been competing on the NASKA circuit for 11 years. As one of the sport’s most decorated athletes, she has earned 55 World Titles. In 2007, she was also honored by being inducted into the Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame. Competing as a junior, as well as an adult, she has also earned 7 ISKA World Titles and 3 Warrior Cups both in Forms and Weapons. In 2007, Caitlin was named “Competitor of the Year” by Black Belt Magazine. Caitlin has traveled the world, competing in many tournaments and earning many titles including 2 time WAKO Junior World Titles and French Open Champion…… See and read some more about Caitlin HERE and vistit our other ladies of the martial arts HERE

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Martial arts for ladies…. Yes or no?

Can ladies fight and is it worth training?

Article By Author: Robert W. Young
A popular debate focuses on whether women should practice the martial arts and, if they do, whether they have any real hope of defending themselves against a man.
This is far from a trivial discussion. If the techniques taught in martial arts classes do not function when an average woman tries to apply them on the street, that means most of the women and many of the men who are learning the martial arts for self-defense may be wasting their time.


To help readers arrive at some conclusions, Black Belt examined the issue of whether women can defend themselves with typical martial arts techniques and, if so, which techniques they can depend on in a street encounter.
For expert advice, we went to Los Angeles-based fighter Mimi Lesseos. Hers is a name you may not recognize, but after reading this article and studying the photos, we believe it is one you will not soon forget.


None of the opinions above or the article necessarily represent the opinions of this site, but feedback is always welcomed.

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Thai Boxing female

Thai Boxing female Dalia Hosny

One of the Martial arts female ladies in action in a muay thai bout….see more of Dalia HERE

Dalia fights in the RED GLOVES, BLACK TOP…and wins on points. Well done Dalia xx

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Kickboxing lady black belt 2nd Dan

Introducing Ella Maria Palfrey a Kickboxing lady black belt 2nd Dan with a secret agent identity……

Ella Maria Palfrey has a 2nd dan black belt in kickboxing. She is a genuine female martial artist. You can see an interveiw we did with Ella HERE But, Ella also works undercover :) as one of the Kandy girls……

Kickasskandy is a tongue in cheek female secret agent/good versus evil/female vs male clip site where for some reason the women high kicking martial artists always seenm to beat the males !!…. It’s nothing to do with the cat suits and high boots i’m told…the female fighters are just better !!… We will let you guys decide that !!  There is no nudity or bad language…just some cheesy one liners :) (Remember it is just for fun..so enjoy it or don’t go there)!


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