….female martial arts & womens self defence……

Martial Arts of the Philippines.

Introducing Neta Shemister Escdero


Neta trains in the Filipino Martial Art, specifically Lightning Scientific Arnis (LSAI) which is one of the classical systems from the Philippines, founded by Grandmaster Benjamin Luna Lema in 1937. I learned this in the Philippines while living there in 2006-2007. For information and to see Neta’s pictures……. CLICK HERE

Introducing, Neta Shemister Escdero

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2 Replies

  1. I think it is amazing when I see a girl train just as hard (if not harder because they feel they have something to prove) than a guy in martial arts. I am learning Krav Maga and there are plenty of women at my gym who are very dedicated. It pushes me to train harder. My girlfriend is learning with me, and she is much faster than I am when we do pad drills. I may have the strength, but she definitely has the agility.

  2. paullynx Jul 2nd 2013

    Thanks for your comments :)

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