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Virtua Defense, Female martial artists

Coming soon. Exclusive previews and hopefully some interviews with the ladies from http://virtuadefense.com/

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More videos out

Just to let you know there are more video clips out at www.skilledfemfighters.com and www.deadlyfemalefighters.com

Check back often. Updates often.

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UK Female Martial Artists

Karate and Taekwondo UK

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The girls are triple trouble !

Meet Sian, Lauren and Lara Edmunds. Click the photo to go to their site. Trained martial artists, they are available for functions, displays etc.


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British @ Unified World Champion female Kickboxer. Hailey Hanson.

Current British & Unified World kickboxing Champion

“I use martial arts everywhere I find that I am highly disciplined to the point I know how to handle situations to the point where I do not even need to get in to any situations to defend myself” Hailey Hanson.

Hailey will be featured on the new www.martialartsfemale.com/fighters page (Coming soon)


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Martial Arts Female is !

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Female Martial Artists Pics and clips

Meet one of the fighters from www.DeadlyFemaleFighters.com

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Real Martial Art Female Cartoon

Martial Female Cartoon comes to life

Neta Shermister is an Arnis Instructor and is now also practicing Taekwondo. These pictures are from a convention where Neta portrays “Arnis Girl” Neta plans to write an action comic about Arnis Girl. She is highly skilled in the martial arts and of course uses the skills to save others. (Usually, abused animals) …. We wish Neta well with the project and can’t wait to see the comic.

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Some more of the skilled female martial artists


Barborka is one of the many girls at www.skilledfemfighters.com

Photos and video clips can be purchsed from skilledfemfighters.com
REAL Female martial artists. Details on site.

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Sian Edmunds Kicking in Heels !

Kicking in heels

Maybe an art in itself?
Kicking in heels

Sian Edmunds of The Edmunds Sisters says….

“Women can still be feminine and still dominate the martial arts world”

and not many would argue with THAT.

See Sian at www.edmunds-sistas.com

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